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If you're reading this post I'm assuming you love all things Nigerian and also love having fun. As a Caribbean born photographer I've had the opportunity to photograph a lot of cultural weddings and have had a great time doing so. I've learned A LOT about certain cultures in the process.

Recently a friend and colleague of mine Chip Dizard of Chip Dizard Weddings recently wrote a post about Haitian weddings. We talked about me doing one for Nigerian weddings. This post is all in good fun and in no way is bashing the culture. I will write one for Caribbean weddings too. 

Here are 10 ways to know you're attending a Nigerian Wedding.

1. You know you're attending a Nigerian wedding when it starts at 6:00pm and the church is empty delaying the start time.

2. An uncle or aunt will get mad at the photographer for asking them to have a seat during the wedding instead of letting them stand up at the alter taking photos with their iPad.

3. At the end of the ceremony 50 women wearing beautiful dresses and colorful gele are taking their time walking through the parking lot to get to the ceremony. 

4. Four hours into the reception guests are arriving and mad that the caterer is done serving food.

5. The wedding planner has a huge banner advertising their business.

6. The large bridal party comes to slay for Instagram.

7. A crazy guest flew in from Nigerian is fussing at the planning team because they didn't RSVP and there's no seat available. 

8. The MC thinks the day is about him.

9. The toasts are as long as an Easter sermon.

10. There's someone sweeping up money hoping to be able to pay for the luxury car waiting outside. (This one came from a past bride who told me a lot of this happens more than we think)


There's a fight because a Ghanian guest said Ghanian Jollof rice is better than what was served at the reception.

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