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Repeat after me, nice engagement or individual portraits on social media doesn’t equate to great wedding day photography.

This post is to give you some information that isn’t readily available when you’re looking to hire a photographer for your big day.

Choosing the right photographer can be very difficult. With the rise in social media and a low barrier to entry into the wedding business, countless couples are getting burned left and right.

You are shown hundreds of beautiful trendy images daily. Oftentimes those photos have gone viral before you’ve had your morning coffee. Trust me I’ve seen some of those beautiful photos that made me question my decision to leave Architecture and pursue a career as a Wedding Photographer full time.

Here’s the truth, a photographer can curate an amazing social media with those breathtaking engagement portraits and even wedding day portraits. Oftentimes some of those photos are from fake couples put together from styled shoots. That fact doesn’t always translate to beautiful images on wedding day. I’m talking about those timeless moments that happen in a split second. Those moments that resonate with you after your big day. Those moments that take you back to your wedding day and leaves a smile on your face knowing you remember what you were feeling in that moment. Moments that made you thankful you invested in images to share with your grandchildren.

When a photographer is taking engagement portraits he or she will have time to make mistakes since it’s usually a low pressure situation. There’s no dark space to worry about. There's no overzealous uncle with his new camera trying to capture his own images from the day. No extra expressive bridesmaid who thinks she’s also a photographer because she just had her wedding and want to tell the photographer what photos need to be taken lol. On portrait session day there’s no real timeline to rush through.

On wedding day there’s not much room for error. Moments are happening non stop and the photographer has to be able to document those real, authentic and candid moments. No matter what the room looks like the story has to be documented. Compositions need to be visually pleasing and attention to details count. When a bride spends $4500 on a wedding dress with details you have to be able to capture those details.

Ever wonder why you tend to only see portraits of couples on social media but no reception photos? If you do see any its usually of some decor but not of the couple highlighting the festivities. Ask yourself, if my photographer is the best thing next to free wifi, why do I only see daytime portraits on IG, FB or their website/blog? Where are the lively moments at the reception with the dark ceiling and purple uplighting? During my rookie years I was given one piece of advice. Only show what you want to shoot or know how to shoot. Don’t post images you haven’t mastered.

This blog isn’t to discourage you from hiring the person you’ve been a fan of for the last 100 days but to really consider what you’re getting when its all said and done. I’d suggest you get your photographer to show you 3 recent client wedding galleries. Then you can review what you’ll also receive. Social media can lie but client gallery will show you the truth.

For the record, there is no law saying you have to care about authentic moments being captured over pretty photos that look like the methodically curated IG page. We all value what we choose to value.

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