Award winning Internationally traveled wedding, portrait and corporate event photographer based in Dallas documenting authentic moments.

Who am I?

I'm a Caribbean born and raised retired architect. Married to a sexy chocolate skin Texan who birth our first and only child Benjamin on Thanksgiving Day 2017.

I'm a lover of all things 90s hip-hop, dancehall reggae and soca music.

I'm a vegan which can be difficult on wedding day. Hardest thing about being vegan is that I can't eat gummy bears **side-eye**

My wife says i'm low-key petty lol

I've learned to always trust my wife's womanly intuition even when I don't want to **side-eye**

My favorite TV series is Game of Thrones.

I enjoy helping out at the North Texas Food Bank. Giving back is important to me.

Willie Howard is our Lead Associate Photographer for the studio. I trust him with all things photography. I know he will deliver no matter who the client is. I also know he will provide a great experience. I believe that we should always be on a quest to be the best version of ourselves and he embodies that. He's also with my studio because he has that same ambition as I do and he's shown himself to be the professional and have fun at the same time. He will sacrifice himself to make a great image for our clients. What I enjoy most is that he's a family man to his beautiful wife and two kiddos.

Weddings at Ruthe Jackson Center

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